We are now booking for the 2023 beef season! Please call the shop to get on our schedule for next year. 


Beginning January 2023, each slaughter booking will be subject to a Booking Fee of $200.00/head, which will be taken off the slaughter/processing fee on the final invoice.  This is to ensure we don't run into scheduling issues and that each of our customers has a firm slaughter date. 


Processing: 1.05/pound hanging weight 

Mobile Slaughter unit: $200/head

Mileage Fee: $1 per mile one way (due to the increase in gas prices)

Organs: $5 per organ

Quartering fee: $20 each ¼

30+ Month Boneless Fee: $25.00

Boneless cuts, vacuum packaging, grinding and labeling included


We are no longer packaging orders in boxes.  The finished product will be stored in milk crates and the customer will be responsible for bringing either coolers and/or storage bins to take their order home in. If you forget your coolers/crates when you pick up, we have a few boxes on hand that can be purchased for $3.00/each. 


For the first 2 weeks (beginning on the date we call to inform you the order is ready for pick-up) there will be no charge for storage.  On the first day of the 3rd week, there will be a fee of $3 a day for each crate/box added to the bill and due at the time of pick-up.


Meat Cleaver does not transport guts, hide, head, or offal. We ask that customers have a place to dispose of this. Most customers will dig a hole large enough for the number of beef being slaughtered. The crew can assist you with moving this. A current brand inspection is required for all beef being slaughtered.


Do I need a Brand Inspection?

Yes. A current brand inspection is required for slaughter and needs to be done no more than 7 days before slaughter.  Please inspect “In care of Meat Cleaver”.  You can find a list of brand inspectors near here.

Do you take the offal/hide?

No. Everything aside from the quartered beef will need to stay on the property where the slaughter took place.

What do I do with the offal/hide?

Whatever works best and is convenient for the producer in disposing of the offal/hide is what we recommended.  We are happy to help in moving things to a different area of the property if need be.

When do I need to submit my cut sheets?

To ensure we provide you with a great product, we need to receive the cut sheets within 14 days of slaughter. Please email, text, or call in the order. 

Do you vac seal or paper wrap? How are my cuts packaged?

All your meat is Vacuum Sealed in 3mil./ 4mil. Bags. All cuts are labeled with stickers except for ribs, bones, and organs. Ground hamburger packages are as such: 1-2lb, 2-3lb & 5lb. Your order will be stored in milk crates which we will then empty into coolers that you will provide. (see below for suggested sizes to bring)  


*** Please be sure to have your brand inspection done by your scheduled slaughter date.  Homegrown and/or raised or not, EVERY animal needs a brand inspection. Without this, we cannot slaughter.  ***